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District 13 Updates on the 13th! (update from July 13, 2023)

It’s the 13th! Time for an update from Nebraska’s Legislative District 13. I hope this newsletter finds you in high spirits as we march forward in this campaign! It has been an eventful month filled with progress and learning on my part! In the spirit of the 13th, I invite you to donate $13 today (or any amount that feels right to you!). Your contribution will help amplify our message and reach more voters. There are some great things coming up this Summer that I would love if you would join me. On July 23rd, I will be hosting a Petition Drive Through event for you to stop by to sign the petition to repeal LB 753. I wholeheartedly support our public schools and teachers and I recognize their vital role in shaping the future of our communities. I firmly believe that investing our resources in public education is an investment in the success and prosperity of Nebraska and we should ensure that every child has access to quality education and opportunities for growth. Then on July 29th at 10:00 am, I’ll be walking in the Native Omaha Days Parade, email me if you can join me and I’ll get you a Tracy for Nebraska t-shirt at the parade! In the past few weeks, I have had the privilege of meeting with lobbyists gaining valuable insights into the incredible developments shaping our great state. Engaging with these experts has broadened my understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for Nebraska. The insights from these meetings have only deepened my appreciation for the boundless potential of Nebraska. I am so grateful for your unwavering support and trust. Your support is vital to the success of this campaign and I am humbled by the generosity and dedication I have witnessed in our supporters. Our work has only just begun, and I am honored to be your candidate, your representative, and your advocate for policies that uplift our community.

Thank you all for your ongoing support!

Best, Tracy Hightower-Henne

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